The Words of a Taurus
My name is Paige and I'm 20 years old. Currently living in Gainesville, FL and working diligently to make it to Philadelphia. Property management is my thing. I really like music, sushi, dogs, and writing. Watch me as I create myself.


(calls police) hello, some bitch is still trying to talk to me about frozen

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trying to find resonable explanations for the plot holes in moffat’s writing 



We seem to be losing altitude at an alarming pace

From midtown to downtown

Snakes on a block

I suggest you grab your ankles and kiss your ass goodbye…

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Trackname — Snakes on a Plane (Bring It)
Artist — Cobra Starship ft. William Beckett, Travis McCoy, and Maya Ivarsson
Album — Snakes on a Plane:The Album
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waka with a flocka pigeons
balterwanderlust I’ve been listening to it on repeat at work! He’s seriously AMAZING. Drown is really relevant to my life right now so seeing him play that live on Saturday is gonna pull my heart strings 😭

Drown by Front Porch Step makes me feel things I didn’t think I had inside of me.


coming out of your room at 3 am and seeing your parents



you never realize how much you love sleeping until you have to wake up in the morning 

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